I focus on four areas of law.  

1.  Security Clearance Denials

2.  Criminal Law

3.  Matrimonial Law

4.  Family Law

   The best possible representation combined with the most personal of service


my Mission

    I understand that each of these situations has an impact not just on the accused, on the person who has been or is about to be stripped of their security clearance and the person just about to get on the unwanted roller coaster that is divorce, it also impacts family and friends.  

My goal is to deliver outstanding legal counsel.

     To me you are not a file, not a retainer, but a confidant in need.  We have learned that the best outcomes for our clients come when we are able to engage on both a personal and professional level.

I call it empathetic legal representation and that is how I will represent you

      Our first meeting is a chance for us to share a cup of coffee(or tea) and see if we work well together.    

It was Mr. Potenza’s enthusiasm and passion for the law along with this steadfast belief that you should go in with a winning attitude that was instrumental to our success.
— Jeannie, Security Clearance Client